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Reminiscence Rendezvous: Coming Soon
Join us in our café on alternate Wednesdays of each month from 10.30am-14.30pm. A welcoming gathering for carers and people living with dementia to unwind, make new friends and access help and advice from our friendly team over a light lunch and a cuppa or two. To book your place, call us on 01905 679 300.
Fernhill House named one of the West Midlands’ top 20 care homes
Fernhill House has been named one of the top 20 recommended care homes in the West Midlands.   

The award comes from the go-to website of the care profession,, which has announced its 2018 winners in each region of the UK.   The awards are based on the 75,000 review scores give on its website by residents, family and friends.   

Fernhill House was recently given a 10 out of 10 rating on the site, a TripAdvisor style facility for care homes countrywide.   

Fernhill House manager Mike Dearn was thrilled – but not at all surprised – that the home has achieved such a title, beating many of the 22,000 care homes across the country.   

“Fernhill House is a fun, lively and vibrant place in which to live. Everyone who comes here says they can’t believe it’s a care home. In fact, a BBC broadcaster who visited recently said it was more like a posh country house hotel or an ocean-going liner!   

“The interior is pretty staggering – with beautiful décor, an indoor pub, a bar bistro, tea room, sitting rooms, hairdressing salon, art deco style cinema and even a warm beautifully equipped indoor potting shed and vintage style shop. We also sit in two arces of grounds, have a sensory garden and grow our own veg.   

“We also have our own award-winning chef who is passionate about home grown organic food and has appeared on MasterChef! His meals are legendary.   

“And as if that’s not enough our price package means every who lives here can invite friends and family to join them for meals and drinks as often as they like – to ensure that we remain very much part of the wider community and not a separate enclave.   

“We have excellent links with the village and even hosted Christmas lunch for people who would otherwise have spent the day on their own.”   

Reviews on the website included comments such as: “This is how all homes should be”, and “What an amazing home. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone. I would love to move in myself.”

Opening of our shop on Clover with Regency High School
Regency High school came to visit us on Friday 16th March and kindly cut the ribbon on our official opening of Fernhill House shop on Clover.  It was sweets all round and served by our home manager Mike.  Thank you Regency for your visit we had a great time.
Visitors praise exemplary care, ‘amazing home’ and five star food
Fernhill House has been praised as ‘an amazing home’ which exceeds all expectations, offers exemplary care, welcoming staff and five-star food and accommodation by residents and visitors.   

The comments were all posted on, the care profession’s answer to Trip Advisor, giving the home an impressive ten out of ten rating.   

The friend of one resident said: “What an amazing home. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone. I would love to move in myself - with a view of the lovely gardens. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and family. 

Another said: “Fernhill exceeded my expectations of a care home, with exemplary care being offered in a beautiful setting. Lunch was of a very high standard. I'm a few years away yet, but I know where I'd like to enjoy my later years.” 

A third added: “What an absolutely superb care home. The facilities are excellent, the staff welcoming and the food and hospitality second to none. Another praised the offerings of award winning chef Chris Williams. 

“Food and accommodation is five star. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone at Fernhill House. The care is outstanding. It is a wonderful and safe place.” 

The report and reviews are available at

What will care homes be like in the future?
Modern technology is everywhere, and it’s changing fast too. Google’s voice activated Google Assistant and Amazon’s Echo were some of the biggest sellers last Christmas, and it is predicted that the voice recognition industry will be worth some £450 million by next year. The internet in general has taken over our homes, with almost 90 per cent of adults using the internet on a regular basis.

And it’s not just young people who are benefitting from new technology either. Recent statistics show that around four in every 10 over 75’s have used the internet within the last three months, and that internet use among women aged over 75 has trebled since 2011. With all this technology at our fingertips, it makes sense for care homes to look at ways that new innovations can improve the experience for their residents too. 

Our technology right now 

Here at Fernhill House, we are proud to embrace many of the latest technological innovations to help our residents stay connected, challenge themselves and live better. Already in place in our home are things like: 

· Acoustic monitoring: This technology allows our care team to monitor residents during the night without the need to undertake intrusive periodic room checks. 

· Electronic Care and Medication Management software: These innovations efficiently record key information at the point of delivery, allowing our teams to spend more quality time with our residents. 

· Maintenance and Health and Safety Software: Ensures compliance and identifies best practice.   

· IT Suites and Wi-Fi: Our home has high-speed Wi-Fi throughout, along with tablet computers for use by our residents. With our help, they are able to Skype relatives, look up information and send emails on a daily basis. There are also PC’s for use in our modern IT suites. We offer support and silver surfers workshops to help residents understand how to use them, so that they can reap the benefits of a more connected lifestyle.

· Cinema: We have a full in-home cinema for residents to watch movies on the big screen with family and friends. 

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As new technology is developed, we are constantly assessing what could benefit our residents. 

What will care homes look like in the future? 

There is much research taking place into how new technology can be adapted and used in the care setting. Some of the most exciting things we’ve heard about include: 

· Assistive technology: As virtual assistants such as Alexa become smarter, their usefulness can be augmented. In a care home, these could be employed to remind people to take medication, to help them locate lost items, to communicate with a carer of family member, or even to sound an alarm in case of an emergency. 

· Administration assistance: Electronic documentation systems can make it easier and faster for care workers to administer their services. Paperwork in care can be a heavy burden, so any technology that can relieve workers of this burden could see more people with more time to devote to caring, instead of being tied up filling in forms. 

· Ambient monitoring technology: We want our residents to be safe and well, but we also want to help them to remain as independent as possible. Ambient monitoring technology can let them do more for themselves, without being put at risk, so that they can cook, move around and undertake other tasks, all whilst under the watchful eye of a completely unobtrusive safety system. 

· Smarter homes for less mobile people: With the ability to integrate voice activated technology into virtually any device, the possibilities for residents to have more control over the environment, even if they are severely mobility impaired, is truly exciting. Simply asking their assistant to ‘open the window’, ‘turn off the light’ and ‘play something by Mozart’ could see a whole world of new possibilities arriving for our less mobile residents. 

· Wearable health monitoring: Already many of us track our heart rate and steps each day with fitness trackers, so it’s only a small step forward to see these devices tracking respiration, fluid retention and other medical conditions. This could reduce the need for hospital admissions, and lead to faster diagnosis and earlier intervention. 

There are many more exciting innovations on the horizon, from robotic suits to help stroke victims walk to holographic virtual pets; the future of care homes is looking very exciting indeed. However, as we always stress to anyone talking about investing in technology, tech should augment care, not replace it. Nothing in the technological world can ever provide what a well-trained, motivated care assistant can, but it could make their jobs easier, allowing them more time to engage with residents in a meaningful way.